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Fridge Grow Controller

Fridge Grow controller converts a simple fridge into a climate chamber. All parameters relevant for growing (CO2, temperature, humidity, light) can be controlled in a wide range and are automatically set to the desired values. Also, watering is done based on physics and without pumps or tanks. An app with climate recipes and analyzing tool enables also noobs to grow under perfect conditions. First time people can experiment with climate conditions and create new flavors and tastes. The system is precise and therefore also University for natural resources is using Fridge Grow for their research.


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Additional Informations

Fridge Grow developed a system which allows growing in a semi hermetically housing. The Fridge Grow Controller transforms a simple fridge into a fully automated grow box. The world's first fully automated climate box for private users. All-year perfect conditions without watering. CO2, temperature, humidity and light can be freely chosen at any time. Better growth and reliable crops without effort as result. It is a revolution in urban growing. Everyone can now grow like professional labs in a closed eco system. That means no aeration and therefore no outside fans, control of humidity/CO2, stable conditions independent from the installation space, silence, wide control range and easy usage by using climate programs. It is part of a simple plug and play DIY-kit. We are open for cooperation depending LED light, fertilizer, fans, pots etc. because customers either use their own or we can recommend partner products. These components are switched by remote controlled sockets, so no wiring is necessary. Reporting of all parameters and a comprehensive analyzing tool for mobile devices and standard browsers helps to be informed all the time. Free choose able climate allows experiments with new tastes and flavors. For example, going down with temperature to 10 degrees or below to stress the plants in the last days or kill pests with high temperature or humidity – it is up to the customer. Pre-Ordering is already possible, samples as well and shipping is planned by beginning of 2020.
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