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Elitegrow in Europe led grow light T8 4ft 120cm grow tube grow bar for vertical farm vegetables

Elitegrow in Europe led grow light T8 4ft 120cm 18W-36W grow tube grow bar for vertical farm vegetables


Size1205x34x36mm   Photon150-180 umol/m2/s H:25cm
Input VoltageAC85~265VLifespan≥30,000
Power18W/36WColorRed and Blue,white,orange
Working Rate50/60 HzRatioflexible
Working Temp.-20°-50°Color Temperature3000K/4000K/5000K/6500K ETC.
Inner Packing1223x80x40mmNet Weight500g/pcs
Carton Packing1223x250x250mmCross Weight20kg/25pcs


1.T8 led tube, 1200mm length standard with optional length 60cm, 90cm


2. based on high PPFD SMD LEDs


3. proper red/blue LED blend for your plants growth. customizable R/B ratio


4. 80% energy saving compared to fluorescent lighting. l


5. Wide angel LEDs (140 degree) insures wide lighting coverage area.


6. low heat generated.


7. easy to install.


8. 50,000+ hour life span. Two years warranty


Wavelength Diagram


With optional spectrum for your choice on different/various plant grow varieties and growing application.





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1] High brightness&efficiency, low energy consumption.
2] Thin PCB led holder , good heat dissipation.
3] Chip brand&size could be customized.
4] CT range could be customized.
5] Strict quality control, qualified rate >99.2%.



Mainly for seedings grow,  hydroponics system, vertical growing, tissue culture, aeroponic cultivation, or

vegetative supplemental light,  like grow Lab, plant seedling base.etc
Could instead of the fluorescent tube directly.

Growing Tips:


1:Given the led grow light emits much less heat than other light source ,Your plants will need less water ,

Wait f  or your soil to dry a little bit before watering or at least make sure your plants really need to be watered .
2:Temperature is very important element in the photosynthesis process ,For the same reason as the

previsous point ,Maintain the ambient temperature between 20-30degree for normal plants growth .
3:With led grow light ,your plants need fewer nutrients .
4:For better light penetration ,it's preferable to light serveral small plants rather than a few large ones










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    Customized design is available, OEM and ODM are welcomed.

    Delivery the goods to our customer all over the world with speed and precision.

    Offer customer the lowest price with high quality LED grow light.

FAQ- the most frequently asked questions by the client

Q: What is the Lumen output for your LED grow light?

A:  Lumens are a measure of the light seen by the HUMAN eye.  Plants do not see the same light that humans see and therefore lumens are irrelevant when it comes to

plant lighting.  Our LED Grow Lights produce light in the wavelengths that plants need the most.  Only a small percentage of the light produce by an HID

light is absorbed by plants which means that 80% of the Lumens are wasted.  


Q:  Which color spectrum do I need for my plants?

A:  6 Band Extreme Flower:  Our Extreme Flower LEDs are built with both Red(660nm) and Blue LEDs and designed to perform extremely well in both vegetative and flowering cycles for all plants.

Our color recipe is a unique combination of LEDs that have been proven to exceed HID light in flower/fruit quality while also providing the number of flowers all growers expect.


Q: Does LED grow lighting burn hot like HID systems?

A: No, that is one of the significant advantages that LED indoor growth systems to provide. The lights are just warm to the


and they don't heat up the growing area at all, so no additional cooling is necessary.


Q: People say that LED growing lights save you money on your power bill. How much?

A: Studies show that the energy-efficient LED grow lights typically provide 50%-90% saving over the HID lights when you factor in reduced cooling costs.


Q: Which indoor grow lights last longer, HID or LED?

A: LED grow lights for plants typically last about six times longer that the inefficient HID systems


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