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Seed Name BAMA

Latitude 22-28

Longitudes 105-120

M/D/F Dioecious   


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Additional Informations

Seed Name BAMA

Latitude 22-28

Longitudes 105-120

M/D/F Dioecious

Seeding per per HA

For Grain 14kg-18kg

For Oil 75kg-105kg

Dual purpose 30kg-35kg

Germination Rate +85%

THC % 0.16 to 0.34%


Grain x

Fibre x


Organic Y

Optimum temperature 15-33 Celsius

Growth period 110-190 days


YUMA, BAMA, Si 1, HANNW, HANNE Can be planted as Spring Hemp or from March onwards the latest planting would be Mid-June

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