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Sativa dominant. Amnesia x Super Silver Haze. Widely set apart, serrated leaves. Strong incense Haze aroma. Citrus, earthy and incense flavor. "Our Amnesiac is created by taking an original Amnesia clone and stabilizing her with one of her ancestors: the Super Silver Haze. As a result the Amnesiac is a lot more stable than our original clone. Two out of our five phenos show considerable variation in size, stature and appearance. This variation is typical for Haze strains. Amnesiacs buds are solid, compact and heavy. She has very little leaves, which makes her easy to manicure. We recommend topping right before flowering or removing the top 5 or 6 sets of leaves during early flowering to make her more bushy and limit her height. The widely set apart fan leaves are narrow and serrated with a medium to dark green color. Her Sativa dominant genetics are clearly expressed in terms of height, leaf structure and THC percentage. Amnesiac has a very intense Haze aroma with a very powerful psychoactive, brain stimulating and soaring high paired with a bodystone effect. Amnesiac can provide relief for anxiety, chronic pain, nausea and a lack of appetite."


Unit Size: 5 seeds
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