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Sativa dominant. Early Pearl x Mexican Sativa x Californian Sativa. Cool climate outdoor strain. Great flower-to-leaf ratio. Quick finisher. Beautiful floral, spicy aroma and sweet, tangy, peppery flavor. "Fast Bud Outdoor is a result of years of breeding and selection. We used Early Pearl genetics and crossed her back with her ancestors, Mexican- and Californian Sativa, to further stabilize her and improve flowering time, quality and yield. This strain is a quick finisher that starts flowering in the beginning of August in Holland. She has a great flower-to-leaf ratio and produces the biggest buds of all of our cool-climate outdoor strains. Fast Bud Outdoor is a tall and branchy plant that shines in open soil, where she easily reaches 3,5m in height and 2,5m in width. The flowers are typically tall, stretched and a bit fluffy, making them less prone to mold. Keep her well-fed, as she packs on weight extremely fast during the last four weeks of flowering. This strain can be harvested in the beginning of October, but should go a week or two longer for optimal crystal production. There are several phenos that are different in terms of taste and bud structure. Aromas range from floral and peppery to sweet tangerines. Fast Bud Outdoor has a long-lasting social, uplifting high that can be used against stress and depression. "


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