Transportation of cannabis is definitely a major role in the industry, but not so much is known about it and our question is how is it being transported actually?
To talk about where and if the canna and trucking industry meet we spoke with Alexander Banks, the CEO of eCruiting Force and of course we had a few questions for him.

HTM: So who can actually transport cannabis?

AB: That’s a good question with very few good sources to find answers for. Basically you’d have to be a high-risk safety transportation company, like the ones that transfer large amounts of money in armored trucks. However, you would also need a state license that varies from state to state in terms of how to acquire it and how much you’ll need to pay for it.

HTM: How many companies are doing this at this specific moment?

AB: There are not a lot of companies in this niche of the canna industry. There are 2 or 3 well known ones and then you have the rest who usually stay off radar only offering services to their local canna businesses respectively.

HTM: So what’s the connection between the trucking industry and canna, if there is some?

AB: Not so much to be honest. This type of goods transportation is still somewhat of a nuisance for everyone in the industry, but I do think that in future, with more legalization there will be a policy for trucking companies to transport cannabis goods, no question about it.

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