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Terpenes e-liquid Amnesia

Cali Terpenes is also a producer of the highest quality e-liquids, using our aromatic terpenes profiles (cannabis aromas) to provide them with the best aroma and flavour.

The main aim of Cali Terpenes' e-liquids is to offer a healthier alternative to smokers.

Vaping is around 95% healthier to smoking.

E-liquids or vaping liquids are liquid mixtures for vaping in electronic cigarettes (e-cigs), e-liquids vaporisersvapespods, etc.

They are normally made of -or should be made of- three elements:

 Propylene glycol (PG)

• Vegetal glycerine (VG)

• Aromas (in our case cannabis terpenes profiles).

The use of e-liquids has increased noticeable in the last few years, especially due to the information that we have about the risks of smoking and the reduction of risks that vaping offers.

 Our e- liquids let you enjoy the authentic flavour of varieties of cannabis without generating combustion.


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