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Premium Indoor Hemp Flower! Hand made CBD+CBG MOONROCKS - 30% CBD+CBG Caviar Blunts - Direct to farm

We specialize in high end hemp flower. Hand Trimmed and carefully selected. No shake or Smalls in our pounds only the nicest juiciest nugs are separated for our hemp flower buyers. We have Exclisive CBG Flower and Concentrates now!

Strains Available:
•Bubba Kush
•Pineapple Express
•White Diamond CBG
•Purple Gelato V2
•Hawaiian Haze
•Wedding Cake
•Hempress Kush

All Flower Is at least double machine trimmed but a lot of it is hand-trimmed and can be hand trimmed in quantity per customer order. Prices range from $250-$500 for our best hand-trimmed flower.

MOONROCKS: Pricing starting at $1200 depending on type and quantity.

-We make the finest CBD pre-rolls made from the smalls of our best flower.
CBD+CBG Caviar Blunts:
We make the most potent and tastiest CBG+CBD caviar blunts on the market right now! Call for pricing. Varies with quantity and availability.

Packaged Hand Trimmed Indoor Hemp Flower:
Our Hemp flower comes packaged in exclusive all glass(very hard to break) packaging. No top cap so it’s clearly see-through and all the flower is showing.
Available in: 4 grams, 10 grams, and 28 grams.
Strains: Bubba Kush, Purple Gelato, Wedding Cake, Pineapple Express, white diamond CBG

-We also manufacture CBG & CBD Concentrates (Shatter, Waxes, Sauce, Live Sugar, Batter)

We have our boutique brand we distribute if you would like to carry it in your stores or distribute it then please reach out and we'll send you over the wholesale/distro pricing.

We also will white label the hemp flower in bags or jars as well as joints for any company with a realistic minimum order.


Unit Size: 1 Pound
Price: 250.00 USD ($)
Minimum Purchase: Inquire
On Stock: 5000

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