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Natural Fiber is the company based in Lithuania that deals with processing and supplying hemp raw material and upholding the cultivation tradition of hemp. In 2019 we have completed the constructions of a modern hemp fiber processing plant, with investment amounting to more than 8 million euro. The hemp stalks are processed at the plant to obtain fiber, while the residual materials (shives and pellets) are used in various branches of the industrial sector. Our special feature is the top quality of hemp fiber used for production of higher added-value goods in the textile, nonwoven fabrics, paper, construction materials and composite materials sectors and for biofuel production. Seeking to extract high quality hemp fiber, we have cultivated a new hemp variety. It enables to achieve a particularly high fiber content of the raw material amounting up to 35%. We strive towards increasing this indicator to 40%. We provide the quality guarantee of our fiber because we are in control of the entire process: from selection of seeds, their preparation, growing and care to harvesting and processing. Our mission is to restore and stimulate the use of fiber hemp in various industrial branches as a sustainable, high quality and organic raw material, while promoting our local products around the world.


UAB Natūralus pluoštas Biochemiku str. 5,
LT 57234 Kėdainiai , Lithuania


November 12, 2019



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