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I am setting up a fundraising offering to launch a hemp processing/manufacturing company, starting with a focus on packaging and disposables made from hemp plastic and hemp paper/boxes, producer of multiple hemp oils for all applications, clothing textiles, and food for starters. I am seeking consultants and partners who can help me fulfill the Dao Brands vision. Don Bennett, Hemp Entrepreneur, 208-850-5487, Dao Brands, Dao Science, Dao Hemp, etc. Setting up business this summer in Ontario, Oregon. The 350 mile radius center point of the Northwestern US is around that area. Dao Hemp wants to be the largest hemp processor, manufacturer, and product developer in the entire Northwest for starters. We will produce Dao Brands hemp products touching on all sectors of the hemp industry, as well as be a wholesaler, grower, and trader of raw hemp products. The hemp industry is desperate for processors. Farmers want to grow. There’s a massive market need now and in the future 50 years at least for hemp products. Dao Brands will potentially become the largest hemp company in the world and become an international consumer brands company.


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February 06, 2022


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