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Linfa weezy

Linfa is a small home appliance that allows you to have a handy garden with fresh plants. It is the most modern hydroponic greenhouse, but dimensioned for your house.

 *** Buy it from Giardino di Canapa and you will receive the "Cannabis light set" ***

  • Grow all year round: with Linfa you can always enjoy a good and fresh harvest;
  • Simple and intuitive: with Linfa app managing your domestic garden has never been so easy;
  • Automatic reminders: Linfa app will notify you when you have to refill water and much more;
  • Design in Italy: to fit your home style in an elegant yet understated way;
  • Grow up to 6 plants at the same time: with our exclusive Mixes you can grow different and rare species at the same time;


Unit Size: 590 x 350 x 520(h) mm (23,2x13,8x20,5 in)
Price: 598.00 EUR (€)
Minimum Purchase: Inquire
On Stock: 100

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Additional Informations


590 x 350 x 520(h) mm (23,2x13,8x20,5 in)

Power Supply

220V AC, EC2 Plug (european standard plug)


Max rated power: 75W ; Daily average: 30W

Water tank capacity:

4,5 Liters (1.19 gal)