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Hemp Bag 5123

HEMP BACKPACK 5123Heavy weight one year durable hemp cotton BACKPACK Eco friendly Foresty wild hem..


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HEMP BACKPACK 5123Heavy weight one year durable hemp cotton BACKPACK Eco friendly Foresty wild hemp grows western hilly district Bajhang, Bajura, Rlpa , Rukum etc hills  part of  NEPAL since the civilization begin and villagers collect and produce  hemp fiber makes thread  at village by hand charkha  there traditional skills.Naturally grown hemp plant in the Himalayas collected by the local woman, pressed and yearned yearn by hand.  Fabric made by hand loom in ours woman group   Kathmandu city in Nepal.From that wild organic and ecofriendly hemp yearn we produce warp cotton 100 %and weft 100% hemp yearn use this fabric. Outside fabric = Hemp 60% cotton 40%by handloom. Some part use 100% hemp       inside fabric = good Nepali cotton fabricSize =   M                                                                        Weight = 500 gramTop to bottom=17 inch                 Bag round width= 5.5 inch                           bag wide = 11.5 inchStrap width = 3.5 inch         Strap Length = 32 inch    side = 2 bottle pocketAdjustable = good                       Bag capacity = 15 kg        inside = laptop pocket Front pocket = Sam photo                                    If you need more information contact company email     If you want your company name product logo with bag, NO additional charges will be included. BUT we will incorporate “Made in Nepal” in the tag. The color of the bag can be customized according to your needs. We are supply only color 19/20 /everything same this bag. But 100 over quantity Same to same supply.
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