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fibre processing doc

Basic introduction to our Hemp machinery

ZL 1 and ZL 2 are second generation decortication machines

ZL 7 is a third generation machine

There are a choice of engines/motors that will allow you to decide where and how to use this equipment or whether to use it both in the field and then in a factory setting

ZL 1, ZL 2 and ZL 7 Decortication equipment is used for field or Factory use and is the first stage in your Hemp processing after harvesting

The ZL 7 third generation machine through its gearing and extra rollers will produce cleaner fibres with less shive/hurd content after processing

Once separated by one of the above the second step is to use the Z L4 Machine to soften the fibre using fiber oil and carding to remove the hurd from the fiber. Once this is complete the fiber is then stored in a sealed warehouse for a minimum of 2 weeks until the rolls of fibre reach a temperature of30 to 35 degrees celsius

Step 3 use ZL 5 fibre carder to mechanically card off the gums layers and to remove the rough fibre. At this stage the fibre is processed to a standard where it can be used in non woven fabrics and geo-textiles

Step 4 use the ZL 6 final carder to process the fibre to the de-gumming stage by steam

Once you have gone through the above processes you will have a good standard of carded fibre for the non woven and insulation industries

If you are seeking good textile quality fibre replace the oil in step 2 with normal water, after step 3 put the fibre/yarn into steaming containers to soften the fibres and use step 4 to get cottonised fibres after this it will be necessary to use the soft fibre de-gumming line we produce


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